One of the oldest capitals in Europe, center of the Balkan peninsula and main crossroad between Western Europe and the Middle East and the Baltic and Aegean sea.

Evidence has been found that Sofia was inhabited as early as 7000 years ago. Thracian and Roman remains can still be seen dotted around the city: in the underpass in front of the presidency; behind the Military Club, and behind the Sheraton hotel.

Sofia’s thermal springs meant that it was always an attractive place for settlement. There are springs in the city center, as well as in the skirts.

Under Thracian and later Roman rule Sofia was known as Serdica, from the middle of the 6th century the Byzantines renamed it Triaditsa and from the 9th century onwards during the First Bulgarian Kingdom it took on the Slavonic name of Sredets.

The city finally became known as Sofia from the beginning of the 15th century taking on the name Sofia, from St. Sofia church (wisdom).

All you need to know about the history of Sofia can be found in the short movie by Terry Randall - a British actor, who has chosen Sofia as his home.


Things To Do in Sofia

Sofia is famous for its nightlife, good food and friendly people.

Here are some suggestions from us and for everything else there is always the good old Tripadvisor.

• Free Sofia tour - http://www.freesofiatour.com - as in most European cities this tour is free of charge, but of course they count on your tips. J For groups over 10 people it is best to order a tour and pay, as otherwise there may be no place for all.

• We strongly recommend while shopping at the supermarket to try the local real yogurt which is unique! Or buy lyutenitsa which is our local tomato delight. You should also try banitsa, musaka and pulneni chushki, tarator. If you had too much fun the previous night then Shkembe /tripe soup/ is your meal. For the bravest ones we dare you to try Boza – a drink made from corn, usually served for breakfast. For more information about typical Bulgarian meals check - http://www.findbgfood.com/bgmeals.htm

If you want to experience the nightlife here is a selection of our favorite bars and clubs:

  • Bilkova – one of the oldest underground bars in Sofia. Punk, rock, alternative music.

  • Petak /Friday/ - a very popular place, always crowded, popular music.

  • Terminal 1 – popular club with DJ and live music

  • Bar Bar – a small bar in the middle of a small park, which uses the whole park as its backyard. You can see practically all your friends over there if you go for a drink.





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